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EMERGENCY SHELTER -- -- Back to top

Nestled in a beautiful heritage house in the heart of downtown, this 38 bed shelter serves single women. We provide basic living needs: shelter, safety, meals, clothing, hot showers, medical and other necessary resources and supports for a variety of challenges ranging from mental health issues to experiences of violence, substance abuse issues, physical illness, women fleeing from domestic violence, and in all cases, extreme poverty and trauma. Our Housing Services assist women in searching, finding and securing permanent housing as well as offering support where possible to ensure successful ongoing housing.


ADDICTION SERVICES -- -- Back to top

A continuum of services for women experiencing substance abuse issues begins with an intensive 6 month 10 bed residential, abstinence based, treatment program that focuses on profound change of lifestyle and behaviour. An outreach program is available for women leaving the residential program and to other women living in the community who require support, resources, counselling and help in life planning. The community program is harm reduction based and available to women for a period of two years. Click Here for Application to The Grant House


SUPPORTIVE HOUSING -- -- Back to top

We provide supportive housing for 32 women in three different locations in downtown Toronto. Women learn to live independently after recovering from massive trauma, mental health issues and/or substance abuse issues. With varying degrees of support in our separate locations, staff support women to become members in their communities, encouraging each woman to set and work towards her own goals.


LEARNING CENTRE -- -- Back to top

A place for women to access a basic literacy class, private tutoring, a computer lab and support for job readiness, Located in the Adelaide Women’s Resource Centre, this program supports women to continue their education and accomplish personal goals.


STREET HAVEN HIGHLIGHTS  April 1, 2011 - March 31, 2012

∙ 43,800 fresh food meals served and 11,892 healthy snacks served

∙ 745 women used our emergency shelter and stayed at our shelter for 12,194 nights

∙ 39 women lived in our supportive housing program

∙ 12 women in our emergency shelter found housing through our housing program

∙ 203 women were ready for housing and supported in their search through our housing program

∙ 196 women received support to maintain their housing

∙ 22 women came into our residential addictions program

∙ 78 women were served by our community outreach addictions program

∙ 41 women attended the basic literacy classroom

∙ 331 women accessed the computer lab